Start living.

Life is about living…..and summer is for enjoying the season with  friends, family, etc. Celebrating life…maybe at a BBQ, cookout, bonfire on the beach, or just hanging out and watching movies. Either way….get out of the darkness, silence and start living life. If we were made to live a silent, dark existence…we’d still be in the cave-man days. We cannot live as if we live under a rock….what are we afraid of? Making noise? Who made the rule that we as humans have to be so silent? I’d love to know…then I can knock some sense into them. Life isn’t about being quiet…it’s about moving, laughing, being happy, smiling…enjoying it. So while your living under your rock, the world is still moving…still evolving, still …well…living for lack of a better euphemism.  Why stop living? Who defines the rules of life? Do we make them up as we go or are they carved in stone? By whom? Unless it’s God himself…I refuse to follow them. My life isn’t meant to be lived in the darkness nor silence. So I refuse to dwell there….there is no written rule that says I have to be silent. So…I won’t. =) Life is for LIVING….making memories, loving the ones your with and your friends with…..making a life for yourself, carving out your own path in the process and paving a journey and road for someone else in the process. Just make sure its’ one you would want your kid(s) to potentially follow in their future..(If you have children that is). Make sure that if you come out of that darkness and under that rock, that the rest of your time spent in the sunshine is worth looking back on in the cold, eerie dregs of winter. Because if not, then that’s going to a cold, long winter ahead of you. Do silly things, catch movies with friends, listen to music LOUD (it’s summer after all) attend bonfires, go to the beach as much as possible, get a tan, paint your nails odd colors (if your female) let the sun lighten your hair and darken your skin. Revel in the simple enjoyment of flip flops…and know that when summer turns to fall….if you have tan lines on your feet from was a good summer and one worth remembering. ❤ 🙂 Until next time…live life! Lisa. 🙂


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