Summer 2014.

Although it seems I just moved here, it’s actually been long enough to experience summer again and for August to roll around again. This post will have a lighter feel to it folks. 🙂 Anyway’s I’ve already had two sunburns and working on the second’s in the peeling stages atm. I was out at a doctors visit recently and noticed that people are definitely in the summer spirit that is San Diego, Ca. But what of those wearing hoodies when it’s 90 outside? Seriously…that would make me so sick..why do people do that? You look hot and uncomfortable. Anyways moving on. I have recently moved in (by myself TYVM) a wooden three-drawer nightstand plus a white three shelve unit…and I vacuumed my room. Well moving these in has made all the difference in the world and I actually love the way my room looks now. 🙂 


 I have to admit that I have a LOT Of wooden furniture in my room…the dresser, the hutch and the other night stand, plus a side table and even the headboard is wrought iron and…yep you guessed it..wood. It’s hard to break up the monotony of all of that….but somehow I managed to incorporate some color finally into this once dark, gloomy, messy, cluttered….what-the-hell-happened…room. I will include pics so you can see what I am talking about. When I moved in initially, I was completely overwhelmed with what looked to be a nice room, underneath piles of junk. I had to dig in and so I did. It took me one full weekend and numerous attempts since then to de clutter, organize and make it “mine”. 


 It took me a few months to clear out the hutch and the dresser to use as my own but once I did I started realizing that this is now my space and I should really use it to my advantage..I.E…using my own stuff to decorate with. I am the type of person that has to have a clean, neat, organized brightly lit area around me…especially in my bedroom. Anything else drives me up the wall and leads to bad moods. Once I started digging out….and uncluttered the dresser, the closet, the hutch, underneath the bed, and the night stand ..vacuumed everything in sight….and opened the blinds plus the two windows that open (gotta work on that third one) and began to unclutter and clean my ensuite bathroom (as its called) …I began to really feel like I was home. 


 I went through so much darkness that I cannot live in a dark place..I simply cannot tolerate it. I usually open up the blinds and windows when I wake up to let the breeze in and the days light. Anyway’s moving forward…I am really starting to like and embrace summer this year.It’s not constantly filled with commitments to other people’s children, and tons of places to go. Plus no it’s really nice. Plus I’m loving my new found relationship with Christ and God. (If your uncomfortable with me writing that…you may unfollow me.)  


 Plus I have a new pair of tiger print sandals that I absolutely love!! They are very comfortable and fit just right. 🙂 ❤  I have my own coffee pot in my room for my own use….on the outside it looks vintage but its actually modern. I am looking for a job again….this time i updated my profile and contact numbers so hopefully they will contact me since everything these days is digital! Plus at the same time looking for classes around me ….no luck with either of those things but when the time is’ll happen. I have also put up boundaries and limits in my life, friendships and relationships. I keep my FB chat off now because I don’t want to be constantly monitored (as in…you know when I’m on, because you see me on your list..) I feel as though today’s world is always “on” twenty four seven…we can constantly connect to someone because today’s world doesn’t know when to disconnect. Two am? You left yourself signed on? Oh well lets send an instant message, text, and when you don’t answer, lets keep messaging..potentially waking you up. Yes I went off on a tangent there..sorry folks. But it has to be said.


 My point is that I love this summer…although it has it’s draw’s a lot safer than last year. For that I am grateful..and very happy. By the way yes I am aware it has been awhile since I’ve blogged….I have been busy job hunting, class hunting, doc appointment, and otherwise spending time with my mom and my friends. 🙂 I will try to keep blogging this summer. In the next post I will include the pics I mentioned. 🙂 Until next time..Lisa.


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