Peace and quiet…for one night at least.

If you guys have been following my blog you will  have noticed that on my last blog post I finally eluded to what exactly I’ve been talking about these last few months on this blog. I have been fighting and trying to prevent demons from coming back through my room. This was a situation that I both walked into and had brought upon me as well, none of which was my own doing. it is entirely possible to summon demons on someone out of pure spite, hate and jealousy. I’m living proof that this is indeed a real thing. That’s the key word here folks…”living”. I am LIVING proof. It has taken me several months to remember- then believe that I am still of the living..despite the fact that several demons at that have tried changing that simple fact. It’s taken me a lot of time to recover from several times of re-entry after we have crossed them. This is exactly why Ouija boards are completely a bad thing…. they can be used to summon these fallen angels that mimic whatever you might be trying to summon…to gain trust to step foot inside and be invited. Once invited in, you are at their mercy…which I was until I took action and received help. I will not go into details of what exactly that help was…as it’s private. I kept this ordeal private for some time because I wasn’t exactly sure how my readers would take it…I may lose readers over this but that’s just a chance I am taking. This happens all the time to people the world over, however many people just keep silent like I was because when it comes down to it, like I’ve stated previously…there’s no support group for these type of survivors. But believe me when I say that there is tons of these haunting’s happening everyday/night. When they do occur they tend to oppress you, depress you and your not really quite the same person as you were going into it. This has changed me, changed my perception of life, of reality, of faith and of life as I knew it. When you look around on a sunny, bright day…you wonder if you really perceived that event clearly? Was it really a demon in the darkness? Or were you just imagining it? During the day it’s harder to believe that these beings even exist, much less that they can and will do and bring harm upon you .They make the atmosphere in your house very heavy, like living in a thick layer of humidity. They can make foul smells appear out of nowhere, such as decaying flesh/sulfur. They bang around, stomp around or simply stare at you from a corner. All of this and more is intended for you to lose your mind plus your grip on reality. They go dormant during the day so you are never really sure until someone with experience in the field can tell you its exactly what you are dealing with. They will try to wear you down by attacking you. But I am here to tell you that surviving this with both your body and sanity intact is entirely possible. You should always get help….and have people around you that believe in you and believe what you are experiencing in the middle of the night and eventually the day, is real. That you are not simply “crazy or imagining things”.  


 I have come a long way and still have a ways to go to recover completely from this. Given time and enough space I will be myself again, no longer worried about what’s lurking in the dark or what is waiting to attack me at night. I will no longer worry about hearing residual banging and growling, or smelling awful smells that have no other explanation. My life will be my own….until then I continue to fight in the middle of the night, with major help. I am not on this journey alone..although it certainly has felt like that at times. I am fighting…..for my life…and for justice. Mostly, for humans everywhere experiencing this type of haunting. Your not alone…..don’t fall for the “illusion” that the demons project upon you. Your not alone. That is a very comforting phrase..especially when your being harassed in the wee hours of the night and early morning. When your being attacked, hurt, or otherwise tormented by these beings that hate and despise humans. Never allow yourself to sink to the level of victim….your a survivor. =) Until next time..Lisa. 


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