On Anger…(or what it can do)

At the risk of scaring away my readers, I have to post about something that we all experience, is inbred in us humans as a “flight or fight” reaction from the cave man days,  Unfortunately, other than pumping up your body and temporarily increasing your strength and blocking the reception of pain, it can also cause long term damage.  Both in your personal life and in your relationships, if you allow it. When you caught in the midst of anger you don’t stop to think before you lash out on the nearest person or the person whom you are arguing with. It can cause you to completely lose control of your reactions and blows the smallest things out of proportion and can lead to violence if unchecked. There is always the opportunity to walk away before the anger gets out of control and reaches a boiling point, but how many of us heed that? How many of us,..in the heat of the moment….can truly remember to walk away and take space, time and a few deep breaths? When is anger satisfied? When the person is in tears? When the person is laying on the floor, possibly bleeding? 


 What about the wounds inflicted that you can’t see? The ones whom bleed in another way? The ones that leave negativity behind like a sour aftertaste? The ones where you cannot just work out by apologizing? What happens then? Anger is so powerful, and since we have no use for it much these days except in high danger situations, it is slowly poisoning all of us into these negative, evil little beings that on the outside are incapable of love, respect, values and integrity. We as a human race are so angry….so negative….so nasty to each other. The world needs to go back to the way it was before all of this became of us…but unfortunately I don’t see that happening.  Manners and respect and courtesy have basically gone out the window, am I right? This is what I see when I look out from the inside of the sea of humanity: Imagine the darkest possible place you can think of, you are searching for the lights, you approach someone, grateful to see another human being….but they push you away and storm off in a huff..leaving you wondering what just went so wrong. So you continue on, feeling your way along, picking up the pace to get yourself out of this place that you were plunked into. The alleyways are filled with darkness and screams from humans suffering but you are unable to render needed aide. The next person you approach seems able and willing to help but they lead you down the wrong path, and there you are…alone, in this toxic place that is very dark and full of negativity. 


 Dark analogy/visual yes but it seems to sum up today’s world in general. In a world that is so full of hate that kids are handling weapons in the Middle East….its a necessary one.  Anger is extremely toxic not only to people around you, but also to yourself. You can lose yourself so easily in this sea of anger and either hope for a rescue boat to come along and free you, or you can sink or swim. Completely up to us as humans….and humanity. Choose which path you wish to walk upon, and choose wisely…for some of us there is no second chance to correct our walk of life. If you have this option, grab it with both hands, seize it immediately and use it to your advantage and change your course of life. Turn up the music that makes you smile, dance with abandon, and be free of the negativity. Embrace life and see it for what its worth….and pass it on. Maybe if more people did this, the world might be a better place. Food for thought from this blogger…and if your still here and haven’t ran for the hills yet….feel free to leave comments on what you think of anger. Thanks…until next time..Lisa. 🙂


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