It’s inevitable, am I right? Yesterday I washed my sheets and bedding and on a whim, decided to completely change the blankets and sheets instead of using what I had already washing. I simply got tired of the look I had. Well life is like that as well folks….change is simply a part of it, no matter what we make of it. i decided to go with a completely different looks…and my bed is more comfortable to lay on because of it. So is the same for life..if you make the right changes and make them serve you in some way that is good rather than negative. I have blogged before about negative people and getting them out of you life pronto..because they suck all the good stuff out that life is made up of. Happiness, positive energy, determination, faith….all that good stuff. I am figuring this stuff out so I figure why not blog about it? Maybe it’ll help someone out in the long run, or help someone make that extra push to remove anything negative and dark in their life. .I have survived darkness and bitterness so I try to help as much as I can atm by sharing nuggets of wisdom that I have collected through my experiences. 


 Change can be very scary…such as a move, a new baby, or even the ending of something…but it can also signal the beginning of a new life, love, or chapter in your life. It truly lies in the perspective of the viewer. It has been said that the mind is so powerful it can literally change your surroundings to what you want it to be, given enough time and energy and focus. Idk about that but I have seen it in action beforehand in my own life. That is the exact same thinking behind the “Secret”..that the mind and your own thoughts have the power to change what is forthcoming to you. In other words, your own energy output by your own thoughts. If you believe when you stub your toe first thing in the morning that your day is thus ruined, then it will be by the negative energy you draw in. But they also say that you have a delayed reaction of five seconds to change your thought before it’s sent out into the Universe.  


 Of course, thinking like this is purely subjective….but also can be of great benefit if you put it into action. So is the belief in this way of thinking, but it seems to be catching on very quickly in the world as people are finally seeing how toxic this environment we live in has become, and that includes people as well. We seem to be attracted to negativity and drama, plus trauma (no rhyme intended) and this is how we shape our lives.  I just continually ask..why? It seems easier to change how you think and then your feelings will simply change over time. Am I right readers? What are your thoughts? Lisa. 


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