On Life….



So the last few nights have been incredibly peaceful….and every morning since Spring has sprung (no pun intended) the mornings have been so nice it’s amazing. Quiet, calm, with just the right hint of a sea breeze coming in thanks to the Marine Layer (a shallow or sometimes thick harmless band of clouds that forms around here due to the oceans influence and moisture.) Life has calmed and quieted down ….which if you know my history is simply amazing and something which I am very grateful for. I am still working on my two courses that I am taking atm but the process of that feels just right as well. Everything in life feels “just right” and I am very happy and grateful to be at that point. I have worked so hard to reach this point in my life..to heal..to regain the strength and determination I once had before my life came crashing down around me nine months ago. To recapture that “zest” for life and living I once owned. To be more interested in my “interests/hobbies” that I do have. I love life..always have. I love the beauty of nature, the beauty of this planet, and even the beauty in relationships with others. I love my fiancee very much and without him these last nine months would have been pretty impossible to get through. ❤  Friends I have made it so much easier as well…always by my side, ready to help at a moment’s notice so I get my life and peace back. 


 I have discovered a few things about myself as well…and have rid myself of any and all negative people.  Seriously they suck the life force out of you..get rid of them. Fast!! Life is for the living and slowly I will tackle that simple fact. Given enough time…for now I am content with the pace my life is going. And also very grateful for the people in it…especially my best friend and my fiancee and Jesus. Yupp…we all know of HIs presence in our lives..nothing’s impossible with Him. 🙂 



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