Been Awhile.

I realize that…but I have been focused on other things. Thankfully earlier this week I finished my two courses early on…as in Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday. I am taking Constitution 101 2014 version and Introduction to Great Books 101. This week in that class we were supposed to read Homer’s “Illiad” (Anyone who has read this can vouch for how incredibly boring it is!) I have yet to attempt to master that book but I shall attempt too. I like these two courses and was looking to take more but have ended up instead deciding on a course that starts in eight months.


 Until then I have to focus on getting my life more together. I have also realized in the past few months that taking more than three courses isn’t the smartest thing to do…either you forget to take notes as you go along, or you forget that all important writing assignment until the day its due-yes it’s happened to me! I cannot handle six courses at once..tried…didn’t work out very well at all. I tried making a schedule for those courses but plain and simple they just jumbled together into a blur finally and I had to drop some of them.  It made my life easier after that and my life stopped being this huge rush to turn in this assignment and do this/that quiz. Schedules really do help but if you know you cannot possibly handle several courses, then by all means cut yourself some slack and either get some help with them or opt to take them at a point where you are less bogged down. I learned this the hard way. Just some quick advice to make life a bit easier and a quick post to let my readers know I am around..just busy lately. 🙂


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