“Still sick”

So for the last few nights, I’ve been forced to be in a NyQuil induced haze/fog that seriously impedes any sort of constructive thinking. There is no way out of it or to avoid it when you drink that stuff…it is a necessary trap when you feel like crap (rhyme intended). The next day I wake up most often still in that same fog/haze that I went to sleep to escape. The NyQuil makes you so tired the next day all you want is to sleep…if you have no obligations or responsibilities..and can sleep during the day..you most certainly can accomplish this. I, however cannot sleep during the day and I have courses I have to keep up with. I drink loads of coffee to attempt to stay awake long enough to get these two courses finished and to be an active participant in my friendships and relationship. However the last few days have no doubt been spent in this “No thinking zone” that is being sick. I have managed this morning to be clear headed enough to think and help my brother outside with a 40 ft antenna. No small feat considering I did take NyQuil last night and woke up without the “day after fog”. Today I am able to think for once..which is a nice change. The house is also blessedly silent for once with intervals of noise that actually come at a tolerable level, then die off. It’s also raining here this morning…which helps mask the outside noise from traffic in the distance. When you’re sick you want nothing more than silence around you so you can sleep..which ultimately helps you feel better. Lets hope this clear headed thinking continues before my body decides enough is enough for the day and gets tired and the symptoms start to show themselves. It’s a vicious cycle indeed.


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