Once Again……..

blue    So …can I slap the person that once again, through their own selfish needs, got me sick?! No? Damn.  Get them sick again? Still NO?! Ugh FINE! As I write to you through a Nyquil induced fog (which btw, totally sucks!) I am thinking that since I moved into this house I have been sick every time I turn around. Not intentionally but when you have a teenager coming over who gets way more colds than the normal adult…..well you’re gonna get sick. This week I have fresh weeks for my courses…way to go.  Yes I’m a lil grouchy…ok downright bitter at being sick again and writing when I have a fever…..fan anyone? But thankfully this house is silent..and when your sick and battling a fever..all you want is silence..and to sleep. I am trying to resist that atm so I can write this post and hopefully nod out.  We’ll see as I haven’t been sleeping through the night again like I’d love to.  Yes  sleep has pretty much abandoned this sick person…and go figure, it’s what we need to get over being sick and on the road to being well again. Just my luck.


If you haven’t gotten sick this winter, consider yourselves lucky. I’ve been sick for most of it…like I said, not of my own doing. (No, really…this teen comes over, gets my roommate sick, then when I’m around him, he gets me sick. It’s a vicious cycle. Where oh where is the Lysol?!)    Anyways…I hope my readers are healthier and staying warm..and for those of you in the Northeast I hope you see some some sun at some point before Spring. We’ve had way too much of it here in California…so much that now we have this drought going on that could affect other states. Lovely. Don’t hold it against us…it’s really not our fault. Blame the jet stream….global warming..the Apocalypse (*which btw was supposed to have happened yesterday…the fact that I’m here writing to you is pure proof that ….it didn’t happen*)  Anyways point is ..don’t blame us. This really isn’t our fault and we are dying for more rain…which thankfully comes to us late next week..four days of rain. Unfortunately it isn’t even enough to begin helping the drought but at least it’s a soaking rain..so they promise.


We’ll see..they are also forecasting thunderstorms which if you took and passed basic high school science you would know is a bad thing…heat+dryness+no rain for months=fires. I already fear the upcoming fire season, which is late Spring into Summer and beyond into the Fall months  of September, October and November. Its been a bad winter here folks..we’ve already had our share of fires and it’s not even fire season yet.  So hope that before Summer hits that we get at least enough rain to combat the dry ground..otherwise we’re in for our private Apocalypse…aka Fire Season. Until next time,…Lisa.


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