Skinny Jeans With Boots.


Or, my answer to Daily Prompts “New Sensation”  As a kid growing up, I wore regular non -descript jeans..and t shirts, leggings, sneakers…whatever was comfortable. I didn’t start noticing trends until I was in my teens at least, and at that point no one wore skinny jeans quite yet. In fact, at that time I didn’t even like the look of them. That has changed recently, obviously. I have since regained a true love and affection for this trend that seems here to stay..although I own one pair at the moment but that is going to change. I think personally that skinny jeans tucked into boots with the right sort of shirt or sweater looks really good. But I digress. This photo shows the type of image I wish I could say I grew up wearing..these teens these days…have it so much easier…hahaha. 🙂


But alas, I didn’t grow up with this trend…I grew up in the 90’s generation…yes the biker shorts, the tank tops, the long rocker T’s, the lil circle’s that held your long rocker T up and off to the side (remember those? If not..Google it!) We were the generation that tied the shirts either off to the side or had the tanks with the long ties in front that when tied ..revealed your stomach and back then, no one cared.  (Amazing how times change right?) We had the button down jean tanks ….the off -the-shoulder puffy tops that bared your stomach, the bell-bottom jeans when they came back into style, the hightops, the sneakers, the crazy hairstyles..high or side ponytail anyone?  We had so many different “trends” that no matter which one you still felt and looked pretty cool. Literally felt cool…the puffy shirts that were worn off your shoulder kept you cooler on a hot summer day than the tanks did.


We had the multi color jeans….and tons of sneakers. This is the clothing I wore growing up…and why I say that this current generation has the best trends fashion wise I’ve seen in awhile. Yes they are indeed lucky…..but I do believe that current trends are constantly inspired by the past.  So who knows readers…maybe a trend will come back around sooner rather than later that could find it’s original roots in the 50’s or 60’s…or perhaps the 40’s? Hey a girl can dream right? 🙂  For now I embrace the skinny jean trend and look forward to the day that the 40’s fashion re emerges from the dark…at least the hair styles. Something about that generation seemed simple, and gentle.  If only wishes could make time go back…we’d probably be a more understanding world…at least fashion wise. 🙂  Until next time, Lisa.


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