Clouds and Sunshine.

Never take for granted those that are in your life….


 Do I have your attention yet? Good. Because this post is about just that…taking people for granted. Today as I looked outside, the clouds sailed on by….covering an otherwise perfectly blue sky. The sun was shining on …warming us up to the eighties on a winter day. My friends pressed on, waiting for me to respond….I usually think like the typical frustrated person….”they’ll be there later.” But then today I got to thinking..what if there wasn’t a “later?” What if later never came? What if later wasn’t ever there..or never existed and all we had in this shallow space we call the “now?” The present? Would you still put off those who wanted, asked for or even demanded a piece of your time and attention? What if it was a member of your family..a loved one? Would that change your perception? Or would you still put them off? 


 Time flies when we do not expect it too….and we cannot recapture it. Nor can we recapture the lost moments or a missed opportunity. Life tends to remind us of this in a very harsh way..often the way we do not wish to think about. If all we had now is the present, and we didn’t have the luxury of being selective…would you treasure or value that time more? Would it become more precious and less wasted? Or you press on with your deadlines, determined to get ahead in today’s rat race? How often, do we as humanity and society…slow down? I mean really slow down..enough to see the snow fly or the rain fall..or even enjoy a perfect evening with our families…or a perfect day outside..all day? 


 When we have a limited amount of time to work with, suddenly every moment becomes perfect and clarity settles in..but I believe that if we had this amount of time every day in our lives that wasn’t affected by tragedy, our lives would be much slower and less stressful. We would take time for each other, to really listen and help…more than just a quick fix. After all, they didn’t build Rome in a day…so why should a friendship be fixed in one simple day? Should family and friends be left waiting while we care about our own selfish needs? While we run this errand, or do that project for someone else? At the end of the day, that project or errand probably didn’t mean as much as you thought it did. Am I right? Unless that errand was for someone important in your life, such as family or a friend….it probably wouldn’t hold much weight when all you have is “now.” 


 The pure concept of later should only be applied to something that can really wait…I.E. anything that isn’t more important than the most important people in your life. After all, it’s those moments…those memories..that are treasured…more than the errand that could have waited. The point of later isn’t so it can be applied to family and friends and all those moments that we can’t get back…it’s to limit ourselves and set boundaries around ourselves and our lives. So we can be present, fully, in the here and “now.”  Life is full of mundane ordinary moments…but that is what makes up the absolute best memories. That is what makes a home, or even a friendship. These are what make us nostalgic ….the mundane, the boring..because in time we forget how bored we felt..and become the memories that we share..the ones we remember and capture and post. The ones that give us a sense of love, warmth and “home” in today’s crazy world. 


 Why do we long for more time? Why do we strive for the precious few moments? If we cleared up enough time to be fully present in each and every moment, then we would have enough time to devote now and in the future to everything that matters to us personally in our lives…every moment that we would remember and be there to witness…instead of regretting putting that moment off in trade with something else, less important. When you only have “now”…what do you do with that moment? Fill it with something important and meaningful, valuable and treasure it? Or do you let it slip by as another moment lost to the rat race? What if you never got another moment like this? If you knew that somehow, someway nothing would happen to bring you this opportunity? Would that moment take on more meaning compelling you to spend it wisely? 


 Don’t take people, things, friends or life for granted folks. For you may awaken one day and realize you lost the moon while counting the stars. 


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