Been sick…….

sick   So I type this to you as I am battling a cold. I feel really tired and sore…and just like I’ve been hit by a truck. I have been crabby because of how awful I feel…nothing more nothing less. I dislike being sick very much and I tend to get snappy although I know this definitely isn’t the best case scenario. However when you feel miserable, you can either accept it and avoid humanity as much as possible or do what I do..grudgingly take the cold medication and be grumpy. Yes readers..the first choice is definitely the way to go for so many obvious reasons. 

Earlier today I slaved in the kitchen making chicken soup…from scratch. As in boiling the chicken, cutting the potatoes and the vegetables…and waiting for everything to simmer. About three to four hours later we had ourselves a pretty good soup if I may say so myself. After I ate it I was so tired I came in to head to bed..about three hours ago now. We have company and honestly I just want them to leave so I can sleep before my mother comes over tomorrow. I should have mentioned that outside my family, I am very anti-social when I’m sick..not only for everyone’s well being but also because I get grumpy, as I’ve mentioned. 

So far I have taken Nyquil and Sudafed, and Vicks, used icy hot, and made some green tea along with some juice. Unfortunately this week I also have to squeeze in some course between trying to get better and sleeping. This years colds are nothing to mess with…they have sickened many and sent a few to the hospital. If you do get sick readers, take time for your health and use some cold medicines. Don’t try to work through it if you feel truly awful…and just do your best to get enough rest. Here’s to my readers good health and here’s to hoping this cold I have goes away soon!! 


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