San Diego, California.

I also absolutely love San Diego, California..where I reside. 🙂

I love San Diego because of it’s undercurrent. We tend to live and let live out here…we love our city and all of it’s features..mountains, deserts, beaches..inland valleys. They are all unique and we treasure these areas, spending money in upgrades. On the surface, people are friendly, outgoing and have a genuine sense of pride and love for their city. More than half of our population is Military and we support and salute them all. 🙂

I have lived in San Diego off and on for over twenty years now and when I first got here and saw everything this beautiful city has to offer, I fell in love with it and have loved residing here ever since. The people here are true lovers of the sunshine and the outdoors. The beaches here are some of the best as well as the events and festivals we have..such as the Del Mar Fair (Now called the San Diego Fair…personally I like the other name better). But I digress. The point is that the people here are original and inviting …friendly and not aloof nor arrogant.

They are proud of their cultural differences and trying to find different will leave you empty handed. Every year there is a sand castle competition that turns out thousands of spectators and hundreds of volunteers on our scenic gorgeous beaches.

Even the LGBT community here has it’s own unique niche…in Hillcrest. They have a Gay Pride parade every summer as well…and they have their own unique community here and are accepted as the norm here. Hardly any hate or protests..unless it’s in defense of something that is viewed as slander against them or a hate crime. Yes, the parade is attended by many San Diegans ….especially the festival afterwards. Yes we are that supportive and caring here..get used to it.

So what would make you visit San Diego? I can’t answer that for you readers..I can only attest to my personal view and opinion. Perhaps it’s the complete family friendly package? We have a store here, called Sleep Train..that does tons for Foster kids throughout San Diego every year, including but not limited too…providing free mattresses (new) frames or bunks for the beds, bedding, clothing for the winter nights when it gets cold, and through the summer and school supplies for the beginning of each school year. How cool is that? Seriously, you cannot beat that. What other store do you know of that does so much for Foster kids? Every year at The San Diego Fair they put on a mini concert just for the foster families to attend. Awesome right?! As someone who attended last years, let me tell was beyond awesome.

That is a major reason I am so proud to call San Diego my home. We go all out to help kids…and we care more than we should, I think but hey it’s for a great cause. Beyond all of that, there is always something happening that is family friendly somewhere in the counties. Just have to be willing to go out there and find it….not limited to car shows, festivals, art festivals…..even just the beaches. With winter temps this year at around eighty degrees…you can’t help but hit the beaches or lakes here and feel sorry for the folks that are getting pounded by snow. We also have the San Diego Zoo and Seaworld, along with Belmont Park. 🙂

Which of course brings me to my next point..the weather. It’s Mediterranean in nature and gorgeous year round. I wouldn’t trade this weather for anything. During the summer the inland valleys get hot and muggy but that’s when we all hit the coast hehehehe. Thankfully with a sea breeze we tend to keep cooler on the beaches that time of the year. But most of the time it’s perfect here…typically in the seventies and breezy. Although in the last few years we’ve had a very wet pattern in the winter, but this year is very different indeed. Typical temps for this time of year when we should be getting rain and 50’s? Eighties. Yes you read that right..eighties. Very unusual this year..just hope we don’t pay for this weather later on during spring or summer. But for now we’ll take makes night life that much more enjoyable.

Which of course brings me to my other point..the nightlife in San Diego is not to be missed. Whether is at club LIPS (sorry ..can’t go into details. You’d have to Google it.) Or one of the other of hundreds of clubs and eateries that cater to the night life crowd, you’re never at a loss when it comes to finding something to do. Again you just have to be willing to look up the information and apply it to your specific interests. Again, you will find family friendly interests as well as adult only themes. I could go on to list the millions of reasons I love San Diego county…but the main points I have summed up here. It’s gorgeous, the people are awesome, we have a great source of transit called The San Diego Trolley (not mentioned before) and wonderful people, places, eateries, and even enviable weather.It’s really no wonder why they call us “America’s Finest City.” 🙂


San Diego, California.

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