This is in response to the prompt on most disliked chore around the house…and I’d have to say that dishes ranks right up there with ….taking the trash out.  Click here for that blog post.

Let me start by pointing out the obvious..I am the only one in this house who does dishes. Now I’m not complaining, but in a house with two other capable men (one of them family) I expect more participation. Or perhaps I’m too wishful…I might add I am the only one who vacuums, takes out the trash and generally does any picking up at all. Despite the utter disgusting business that taking trash out can be, I’d have to say that doing dishes takes the cake. I’ll spare my readers the details but I’ve seen enough that sometimes, I detest humanity.  I worked as a housekeeper for a family for five long years …so now I have to grown to hate washing the dishes. One day I dream of waking up to a clean kitchen, a vacuumed house, and coffee made…then I realize if I want that done, I’ d have to work hard the day/night before to make that happen. The dishes are somewhat preventable, if only they’d soap themselves and wash themselves…or closer to reality, the other two perfectly capable men here would wash them.  I guess sometimes reality isn’t so close…..or to be expected.  I have wished and mentioned this several no avail. Calgon…take me away!!


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