Been thinking about things since yesterday….and I have pretty much lost my faith in humanity in general. The details are not important to post here, but these thoughts have been circling since last night..and the shock that caused them has finally worn down to something manageable. What humans this day and age are capable of never quite ceases to amaze me, and at times it makes me wonder if I did indeed grow up in the wrong generation. Personally I think I did but at other times, it was one of the last few generations that learned responsibility, respect, honor and the value of hard work. That generation alone became the inventors of today….and some of the worlds biggest icons. On the other hand, it has also given rise to the most messed up and disturbed thinkers the world has ever seen. I wonder what the upcoming generation has to say about ours..the kids from the 80’s and 90’s. I suppose, like every other generation that is upcoming, we are considered old and crabby, as well as “uncool”. However, these youngsters of today look to us for guidance and advice for the same situations we went through and survived. Whether it’s peer pressure or just the struggles of teenage friendship, we endured it and survived it and therefore owe the younger generation a bit of our tried and true wisdom.. But also the freedom to experience things which allow them to grow….and persevere and build up a thick skin.


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