Coffee….and life.

This post is going to have a very different feeling to it…and therefore a different sound.  It’s an open letter on friendship. 

Dear friend:

We’ve been through a lot since we met, most than normal friendships would endure. Anyone else would have bailed by now I’m sure…but in the background you stayed to prove that people don’t always walk away. Some stay…and some leave…and it’s something I’ve gotten used too. You’ve also taught me through much patience and trials that the worst of a person is their own enemy…their own selfishness and their own hangups. People change, life changes…and some remain constant if you’re lucky. Whether it’s fighting the worst that humanity can possibly bring to another human, or simply dealing with life’s lessons….(which can be very harsh)  …and to that end you have been through it all with me, putting your own issues aside to be by my side and listen. Eight months ago you decided to show (remind) me about something that I’ve always had..which goes deeper than simple women’s intuition.

I decided that some fade in the background in my life…and that’s okay. I’ve made peace with it and have given space for them to grow and mature at their own personal rate. I’ve given nuggets of advice when needed, or just a listening ear. Been supportive when needed and just a calm presence when that’s all you really needed. I’m certainly not the only person in your life…but one of the more constant ones. I care…way more than I should certainly….I listen…even when you repeat yourself ad nauseam….and I support you through whatever your dealing with.

Because you see, that is the very definition of a friend….what I have just outlined. While the rest of the world is dealing with friends that are fair weather and come and go, we have remained true and by each other’s sides. And isn’t that the very essence of life? To have friends that you can be silly, crazy, weird, and downright emotional with? At the end of the day…look around. I know who my friends are and this open letter to them proves just that. Do you know who yours are?


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