SuperBowl 2014 and the cold.

Looking forward to a good game today…Denver Broncos vs the Seattle Seahawks. Two good teams in their own rights…and I’m not picking a team this year. Just happy to finally see the Superbowl this year….it seemed like a very long year. The weather is shaping up to be decent but chilly..and the same can be said for the weather here. It’s finally chilly in California….this winter has been very unusual due to the fact that it’s been warmer than usual and I would go so far to say it’s been downright “Hot”. Typically we are cold and rainy but it seems this year a high pressure system kept the storms at bay and going over us…or above us..and nver dipping down far enough to hit us. Until recently, that is. The rain finally hit us the other night and again tonight and tomorrow. We need the rain so I am thankful for the little that we get but unfortunately the rain isn’t enough for us to erase our 15 inch drought we have going on. Lets hope for more rain soon…and less heat. It’s winter after all..not summer. 


 On another note I have started reading Stephen King’s “Under the Dome” again. I had started reading this book awhile ago…then stopped about mid point. I absolutely love and adore Stephen King as an author and so really love this book. I shall read it when I have between my courses that is. Let’s hope we have a good game and a great week ahead!! 


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