Meta Philosophy.

What is Meta Philosophy? Well this week I’ve been trying to define just that….when I focus on my Philosophy course. However, it is clearly defined as : ” The study of the nature of Philosophy”.  Seems clearly defined right? Well, not so much. There are meanings within meanings, within meanings in this branch of philosophy. It could be Analytic or some or other branched off version. Attempting to define these simple terms can be an all day dance in futility. Even articles that are designed for that sole purpose are not easily navigated. But alas, I digress. I will define these terms and come up with my own understanding and grasp of this complex subject and I will master Philosophy. As long as it takes. Just like I will master Introduction to Finance…although it might take fifteen weeks (the length of the course) to do so. I will come out on top of this world I’ve delved into…and I will conquer it!!


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