“Still sick”

So for the last few nights, I’ve been forced to be in a NyQuil induced haze/fog that seriously impedes any sort of constructive thinking. There is no way out of it or to avoid it when you drink that stuff…it is a necessary trap when you feel like crap (rhyme intended). The next day I wake up most often still in that same fog/haze that I went to sleep to escape. The NyQuil makes you so tired the next day all you want is to sleep…if you have no obligations or responsibilities..and can sleep during the day..you most certainly can accomplish this. I, however cannot sleep during the day and I have courses I have to keep up with. I drink loads of coffee to attempt to stay awake long enough to get these two courses finished and to be an active participant in my friendships and relationship. However the last few days have no doubt been spent in this “No thinking zone” that is being sick. I have managed this morning to be clear headed enough to think and help my brother outside with a 40 ft antenna. No small feat considering I did take NyQuil last night and woke up without the “day after fog”. Today I am able to think for once..which is a nice change. The house is also blessedly silent for once with intervals of noise that actually come at a tolerable level, then die off. It’s also raining here this morning…which helps mask the outside noise from traffic in the distance. When you’re sick you want nothing more than silence around you so you can sleep..which ultimately helps you feel better. Lets hope this clear headed thinking continues before my body decides enough is enough for the day and gets tired and the symptoms start to show themselves. It’s a vicious cycle indeed.


Rarity of Quiet

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Corned Beef Hashtag


It starts at 6 a.m. with the alarms that wake us up.

Then the television goes on for the news, because so much has probably changed in the four or five hours that, maybe, I’ve been asleep. The coffee maker gurgles and burps in the background. The toaster pops and the skillet sizzles. The child groans and complains in an effort to resist getting out of bed, once she is up, fed, and  dressed,  I exchange a brief goodbye with my wife I open the door with a creak. I walk to the car, my daughter in front of me, shuffling her feet across the pavement.

The car rumbles to a start, the heater roars as it blows the still cold air through the vents. My daughter asks me to listen to the radio so I tap my phone to life and turn on the app to bring up her…

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Get Focused on What You (Truly) Want

Live to Write - Write to Live

Have you seen the movie Field of Dreams? There’s a voice whispering to the main character (who has a dream) throughout the movie: “If you build it, they will come.”

It’s a step above “fake it until you make it.”

And a couple of steps above visualization.

Journaling at the edge of the water Capturing my thoughts while sitting at the water’s edge

A great starting point for getting what you want  is to write it down.

You can do this in a journal, or on a computer, or on a chalkboard or whiteboard, or simply on a single piece of paper.

Writing is powerful. Seeing your dream or goal in print in your own words helps you clarify what you are asking for — from yourself and from the universe.

When is the last time you wrote out a detailed description of your dream writing life? If it’s been a while, or never, why not take…

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Once Again……..

blue    So …can I slap the person that once again, through their own selfish needs, got me sick?! No? Damn.  Get them sick again? Still NO?! Ugh FINE! As I write to you through a Nyquil induced fog (which btw, totally sucks!) I am thinking that since I moved into this house I have been sick every time I turn around. Not intentionally but when you have a teenager coming over who gets way more colds than the normal adult…..well you’re gonna get sick. This week I have fresh weeks for my courses…way to go.  Yes I’m a lil grouchy…ok downright bitter at being sick again and writing when I have a fever…..fan anyone? But thankfully this house is silent..and when your sick and battling a fever..all you want is silence..and to sleep. I am trying to resist that atm so I can write this post and hopefully nod out.  We’ll see as I haven’t been sleeping through the night again like I’d love to.  Yes  sleep has pretty much abandoned this sick person…and go figure, it’s what we need to get over being sick and on the road to being well again. Just my luck.


If you haven’t gotten sick this winter, consider yourselves lucky. I’ve been sick for most of it…like I said, not of my own doing. (No, really…this teen comes over, gets my roommate sick, then when I’m around him, he gets me sick. It’s a vicious cycle. Where oh where is the Lysol?!)    Anyways…I hope my readers are healthier and staying warm..and for those of you in the Northeast I hope you see some some sun at some point before Spring. We’ve had way too much of it here in California…so much that now we have this drought going on that could affect other states. Lovely. Don’t hold it against us…it’s really not our fault. Blame the jet stream….global warming..the Apocalypse (*which btw was supposed to have happened yesterday…the fact that I’m here writing to you is pure proof that ….it didn’t happen*)  Anyways point is ..don’t blame us. This really isn’t our fault and we are dying for more rain…which thankfully comes to us late next week..four days of rain. Unfortunately it isn’t even enough to begin helping the drought but at least it’s a soaking rain..so they promise.


We’ll see..they are also forecasting thunderstorms which if you took and passed basic high school science you would know is a bad thing…heat+dryness+no rain for months=fires. I already fear the upcoming fire season, which is late Spring into Summer and beyond into the Fall months  of September, October and November. Its been a bad winter here folks..we’ve already had our share of fires and it’s not even fire season yet.  So hope that before Summer hits that we get at least enough rain to combat the dry ground..otherwise we’re in for our private Apocalypse…aka Fire Season. Until next time,…Lisa.

Skinny Jeans With Boots.


Or, my answer to Daily Prompts “New Sensation”  As a kid growing up, I wore regular non -descript jeans..and t shirts, leggings, sneakers…whatever was comfortable. I didn’t start noticing trends until I was in my teens at least, and at that point no one wore skinny jeans quite yet. In fact, at that time I didn’t even like the look of them. That has changed recently, obviously. I have since regained a true love and affection for this trend that seems here to stay..although I own one pair at the moment but that is going to change. I think personally that skinny jeans tucked into boots with the right sort of shirt or sweater looks really good. But I digress. This photo shows the type of image I wish I could say I grew up wearing..these teens these days…have it so much easier…hahaha. 🙂


But alas, I didn’t grow up with this trend…I grew up in the 90’s generation…yes the biker shorts, the tank tops, the long rocker T’s, the lil circle’s that held your long rocker T up and off to the side (remember those? If not..Google it!) We were the generation that tied the shirts either off to the side or had the tanks with the long ties in front that when tied ..revealed your stomach and back then, no one cared.  (Amazing how times change right?) We had the button down jean tanks ….the off -the-shoulder puffy tops that bared your stomach, the bell-bottom jeans when they came back into style, the hightops, the sneakers, the crazy hairstyles..high or side ponytail anyone?  We had so many different “trends” that no matter which one you sported..you still felt and looked pretty cool. Literally felt cool…the puffy shirts that were worn off your shoulder kept you cooler on a hot summer day than the tanks did.


We had the multi color jeans….and tons of sneakers. This is the clothing I wore growing up…and why I say that this current generation has the best trends fashion wise I’ve seen in awhile. Yes they are indeed lucky…..but I do believe that current trends are constantly inspired by the past.  So who knows readers…maybe a trend will come back around sooner rather than later that could find it’s original roots in the 50’s or 60’s…or perhaps the 40’s? Hey a girl can dream right? 🙂  For now I embrace the skinny jean trend and look forward to the day that the 40’s fashion re emerges from the dark…at least the hair styles. Something about that generation seemed simple, and gentle.  If only wishes could make time go back…we’d probably be a more understanding world…at least fashion wise. 🙂  Until next time, Lisa.

Clouds and Sunshine.

Never take for granted those that are in your life….


 Do I have your attention yet? Good. Because this post is about just that…taking people for granted. Today as I looked outside, the clouds sailed on by….covering an otherwise perfectly blue sky. The sun was shining on …warming us up to the eighties on a winter day. My friends pressed on, waiting for me to respond….I usually think like the typical frustrated person….”they’ll be there later.” But then today I got to thinking..what if there wasn’t a “later?” What if later never came? What if later wasn’t ever there..or never existed and all we had in this shallow space we call time..is the “now?” The present? Would you still put off those who wanted, asked for or even demanded a piece of your time and attention? What if it was a member of your family..a loved one? Would that change your perception? Or would you still put them off? 


 Time flies when we do not expect it too….and we cannot recapture it. Nor can we recapture the lost moments or a missed opportunity. Life tends to remind us of this in a very harsh way..often the way we do not wish to think about. If all we had now is the present, and we didn’t have the luxury of being selective…would you treasure or value that time more? Would it become more precious and less wasted? Or still..do you press on with your deadlines, determined to get ahead in today’s rat race? How often, do we as humanity and society…slow down? I mean really slow down..enough to see the snow fly or the rain fall..or even enjoy a perfect evening with our families…or a perfect day outside..all day? 


 When we have a limited amount of time to work with, suddenly every moment becomes perfect and clarity settles in..but I believe that if we had this amount of time every day in our lives that wasn’t affected by tragedy, our lives would be much slower and less stressful. We would take time for each other, to really listen and help…more than just a quick fix. After all, they didn’t build Rome in a day…so why should a friendship be fixed in one simple day? Should family and friends be left waiting while we care about our own selfish needs? While we run this errand, or do that project for someone else? At the end of the day, that project or errand probably didn’t mean as much as you thought it did. Am I right? Unless that errand was for someone important in your life, such as family or a friend….it probably wouldn’t hold much weight when all you have is “now.” 


 The pure concept of later should only be applied to something that can really wait…I.E. anything that isn’t more important than the most important people in your life. After all, it’s those moments…those memories..that are treasured…more than the errand that could have waited. The point of later isn’t so it can be applied to family and friends and all those moments that we can’t get back…it’s to limit ourselves and set boundaries around ourselves and our lives. So we can be present, fully, in the here and “now.”  Life is full of mundane ordinary moments…but that is what makes up the absolute best memories. That is what makes a home, or even a friendship. These are what make us nostalgic ….the mundane, the boring..because in time we forget how bored we felt..and become the memories that we share..the ones we remember and capture and post. The ones that give us a sense of love, warmth and “home” in today’s crazy world. 


 Why do we long for more time? Why do we strive for the precious few moments? If we cleared up enough time to be fully present in each and every moment, then we would have enough time to devote now and in the future to everything that matters to us personally in our lives…every moment that we would remember and be there to witness…instead of regretting putting that moment off in trade with something else, less important. When you only have “now”…what do you do with that moment? Fill it with something important and meaningful, valuable and treasure it? Or do you let it slip by as another moment lost to the rat race? What if you never got another moment like this? If you knew that somehow, someway nothing would happen to bring you this opportunity? Would that moment take on more meaning compelling you to spend it wisely? 


 Don’t take people, things, friends or life for granted folks. For you may awaken one day and realize you lost the moon while counting the stars. 

Been sick…….

sick   So I type this to you as I am battling a cold. I feel really tired and sore…and just like I’ve been hit by a truck. I have been crabby because of how awful I feel…nothing more nothing less. I dislike being sick very much and I tend to get snappy although I know this definitely isn’t the best case scenario. However when you feel miserable, you can either accept it and avoid humanity as much as possible or do what I do..grudgingly take the cold medication and be grumpy. Yes readers..the first choice is definitely the way to go for so many obvious reasons. 

Earlier today I slaved in the kitchen making chicken soup…from scratch. As in boiling the chicken, cutting the potatoes and the vegetables…and waiting for everything to simmer. About three to four hours later we had ourselves a pretty good soup if I may say so myself. After I ate it I was so tired I came in to head to bed..about three hours ago now. We have company and honestly I just want them to leave so I can sleep before my mother comes over tomorrow. I should have mentioned that outside my family, I am very anti-social when I’m sick..not only for everyone’s well being but also because I get grumpy, as I’ve mentioned. 

So far I have taken Nyquil and Sudafed, and Vicks, used icy hot, and made some green tea along with some juice. Unfortunately this week I also have to squeeze in some course work..in between trying to get better and sleeping. This years colds are nothing to mess with…they have sickened many and sent a few to the hospital. If you do get sick readers, take time for your health and use some cold medicines. Don’t try to work through it if you feel truly awful…and just do your best to get enough rest. Here’s to my readers good health and here’s to hoping this cold I have goes away soon!!